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What have we done?

 Transforming one of the top liquor distributors in LatAm into a client-focused business by Implementing a Omnichannel strategy which resulted in an increase of the ticket value average.

Guiding luxurious retail in the process of developing a brand aimed at the mainstream market

Moving from a distributors’ centered business model to a one focused on brand building, to increase profitability in a monopolized market.

Launching an online store for one of the biggest retailers in Central America.  

Training companies and on how to sell to clients and increase employee engagement in the virtual world of Zoom / Teams and Coaching top Executives.

Supporting a regional go to market strategy for a Brazil-based Mobile advertising company

Positioning a medical institution to strengthen its local presence and further develop an expansion strategy in the Caribbean and North Latam Market.

Monetizing old inventory via barter for a Home and Lifestyle Retail.

Connecting lots of companies with our curated marketplace in areas such as market research, headhunting, market distribution, and brokerage among others.  

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