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More Than a Decade of Innovation + CES2024 BLOG

Over the last decade, I have had the privilege of attending the Consumer Electronics Show, and with each passing year, my admiration for this event only grows. CES is a whirlwind of innovation, a place that invites me to dream, to imagine, and to think about what tomorrow holds. My experience at CES has been a journey of learning and discovery, where each year I encounter astonishing advancements that shape the direction of our society.

Before attending CES 2024, I had already anticipated a significant evolution in the health sector. Health has always been a topic of discussion, but recent years have shown a remarkable acceleration in technological innovation applied to this field. My expectations included advancements in remote diagnostics, the use of artificial intelligence in virtual consultations, and developments in personalized medicine.

Upon arriving at CES 2024, my expectations were confirmed and, in some cases, exceeded. I witnessed firsthand how technology has begun to play a crucial role in the health sector. There were advancements in home medical devices for vital sign examinations and even scanning the lungs and heart. The evolution in digital health and telemedicine, which I had anticipated, was clearly manifested in the products and services presented.

But CES 2024 was not limited to health. I observed a shift in mobility preferences; instead of aspiring for luxury cars, many young people will opt for more eco-friendly and practical options considering space, like luxury brand electric scooters. The evolution of large screens, moving from multiple units to a single screen, has notably improved visual quality and user experience.

The inclusion of pets in the technological realm was also significant, with innovations like a "car wash" for dogs and apps that interpret sounds and breathing. The vision of flying cars, already starting to materialize with single-person helicopters and roads that charge electric vehicles, reflects an exciting future in transportation.

Despite the technological wonders presented, there were areas where I expected to see more innovation. For example, an evolution in QR codes offering more attractive aesthetics and improved functionality, and advancements in pain treatment for pets or just advancements in home medical devices for them.

At CES 2024, AI was the buzzword, and it was evident in innovations in 3D technology, and the integration of devices and brands to manage the smart home from a single app. These are just some of the areas where we have seen significant advancements.

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